The folks at Macphun have something exciting coming, it's Aurora HDR 2017 and if you take advantage of the pre-order promotion, you're going to get extras valued at over $300 USD at no additional cost.  Which to me, sounds like a pretty cool deal.

If you've read my articles, you know that Aurora HDR Pro is my go to HDR plugin.  That's not to say that there are not good alternatives, I just find Aurora HDR Pro to be the most flexible and most usable of the options for the kind of things that I do.  Aurora HDR was designed in conjunction with Mr. Trey Ratcliff.  Lots of folks like Mr. Ratcliff's HDR style and want to emulate it.  I prefer a much more subtle approach myself and while I have huge respect for Mr. Ratcliff's art, I'm not nuts about the post processing.  There is one thing that we do agree on for sure, and that is if you want to do great HDR imaging without hopping from application to application and changing file formats, Aurora HDR Pro kills.

With Aurora 2017 there's a bunch of cool stuff happening.  I've actually included a comprehensive comparison chart that you can check out at the end of the article.


Let's look at what the Bonuses are for early adopters.

  • Trey Ratcliff Deep Dive video
  • 1 Year basic subscription to SmugMug
  • 60-day KelbyOne membership
  • 25 Square Prints from (free global shipping)

Those are cool and useful tools.  When I look at what's new in Aurora HDR 2017, the items that really stick out for me are;

  • NEW: Powerful Zone System for Luminosity masks
  • NEW: Polarizing Filter
  • NEW: Radial Masking
  • NEW: HSL Tool and Panel
  • NEW: Feather and Density parameters for layer masks
  • NEW: Blend modes including Lighten, Darken and Colour Burn
  • IMPROVED: Tone-mapping technology with reduced HDR noise, improved realism of initial result and faster performance
  • IMPROVED: User Interface with a cleaner more modern style

Sample Images


New customers can get the product including the bonuses for only $89 USD if you order in the pre-order period.  That's $10 off the regular price and you get the bonuses.

Existing Pro customers can get everything for only $49 USD and that includes the bonuses.

Existing Regular customers can get everything for only $69 USD and that includes the bonuses.


Not hidden in fine print is the bonus preorder availability.  Order between September 14, 2016 and September 30, 2016 to take advantage of this preorder offer.  When the date passes, the offer is gone.


If you like the idea of making HDR images quickly and effectively and regardless of whether you like subtle or over the top looks, Aurora HDR 2017 will get you there.  It doesn't cost much and does a great job.  You should consider buying it.  I will be.

Feature Comparison Chart