Announcement Review : Profoto D2 Monolight

I am a confessed lighting junkie.  It's a disease for me, but I come by it honestly having trained with many deities of lighting including the incredible Joe McNally.  Today, Profoto announced the next generation of their D series AC powered moonlights, this new edition is called the D2.

Product Overview

The just announced Profoto D2 Moonlight

The just announced Profoto D2 Moonlight

The D2 builds on what has come before.  It is an AC powered monolight similar to the D1, in two output variants, a 500ws and a 1000ws option.  Both have a ten stop power range adjustable in 1/10 stop increments.  Both use the same size housing and incorporate a frosted diffusion front lens on the built in reflector.  They will accept Profoto mount light shapers, including the newer OCF family.  If you have OCF line modifiers, do not use the modelling light function with the OCF modifiers because they are not built to handle the 300 watt halogen modelling light that is built into the D2.  Most other Profoto light shaping tools, (over 120) are in good stead.

The D2 also borrows from the B1, Profit's incredible battery powered moonlight that brings 500ws anywhere.  What it takes from the B1 is full TTL capability for Canon and Nikon, and High Speed Sync support up to 1/8000 shutter speeds.  In my own use I can validate that the Profoto Air radio system has enormous range, even heavy steel and concrete facilities.  Profoto rates the range at 300m.  I've never pushed them that far but often at over 100m in outdoor shooting scenarios.

I like the High Speed Sync capability so I can shoot outdoors with the flash and balance the ambient light while using a wide aperture for shallow depth of field.  I do this on my B1s and look forward to the option of more punch with the 1000ws D2.

Profoto D2 Head On

Profoto D2 Head On

The D2 also paves brand new paths with an incredible capability for a flash duration as short as 1/63000 of a second.  That is not a typo.  What precisely did you need to freeze with your strobe?  The D2 offers an incredible capability at a price point that is unparalleled.

Recycling times are reduced by 25% over the D1 and the new burst capability can drive up to 20 flashes per second

If you already have Profoto light shapers, they work.  If you already have Profoto Air or Profoto AirTTL controllers, they work too.  This means that your existing investment is well protected.

I typically like 500ws as a good base point for a moonlight strobe, but from time to time wish for that extra stop of power for more depth of field control.  That's where the 1000ws model fits in.

Profoto D2 Duo Kit

Profoto D2 Duo Kit

You will be able to order the heads as single units as well as in a Duo kit containing two moonlights of the same power, and a travel bag.  I am already planning my investment for when they are available.


I have not seen the D2 lights yet, but I did have a hint that they were coming.  I am super excited and hope to be able to do a full review for you as soon as Profoto can make a set available to me. I am a Profoto owner and user and while I have owned many different lines and tested many other excellent tools, when I put the money down, I went Profoto.  

I expect to be doing so again.