The Podcast Will Return! 2016 will bring new topics and guests!

artwork from courtesy of Google Images

artwork from courtesy of Google Images

I am very pleased to let folks know that the podcast model will return in 2016.  It's going to be different from what I did years ago as there are more than enough newsfeeds in the photo and video marketplace and people don't really need another one.  

This round, the audio podcast will focus on tips, tricks, problem solving and simple how tos that can be conveyed in audio format.  I will also talk briefly about new gear I've seen and tried, while full reviews will appear as articles on the site.

The goal is for a weekly release, short and to the point that you can listen to while driving, shopping or whatever, without having to be tied to the computer.

I will still be doing videos of course, this podcast will be an addition to The Photo Video Guy assets.  I'm still working on a title, but it will be easy to understand for those who don't know us.

In order to make this happen consistently and successfully, I need three things;

  1. Topics.  What do you want to hear about?  What photography or videography question do you have that just hasn't been fully answered for you?  What tips for a specific technique are you looking for?  Email me here to submit ideas.  PLEASE!
  2. Guests.  Bryan Weiss of Daytripper Photo has graciously agreed to be a member of the hosting panel when available.  Are there other people you would like to hear from?  I have a list of folks I will ask to join if they are available, but I am open to ideas.  Local folks, local supporters are just fine, guests do not need to be international stars, although that would be cool if they were.
  3. Sponsorship.  Running a growing Media empire (hahaha) costs money.  If your business would like a "sponsored by" slot in an episode, I am happy to accomodate for a small placement fee that we can agree upon.

Thanks as always for reading, stay in touch and look to find the podcast early in 2016.  More information will come to you.