Lightroom CC / 6 First Set of Fixes Arrives

For those who have already climbed aboard the Lightroom CC / 6 ship, be sure to check your Creative Cloud Application Manager or Updates function as Adobe has released the first set of bug fixes for Lightroom CC / 6.

Many users noted issues where Lightroom CC / 6 crashed on the splash screen.  There was a hard to find post on the Adobe forums about having to physically remove some cache files in addition to signing out of Creative Cloud and signing back in to clear the issue.

Other users reported that clicking Help was not so helpful.  Other users, myself included, found that when trying to read files off a CF card in a card reader, the card could be seen but no images were visible.

I was able to solve my no images visible on the card issue as well as resolve the crash on launch issue for a few friends, but it looks like this is a fairly rapid response from Adobe.  You will want to be current on this release so do the update.