Further to the last post about the 2018 MacBook Pro

Image courtesy iFixit

Image courtesy iFixit

i don't like to harp on a subject, but it's only a week since the announcement of the 2018 MacBook Pro and it's already being regarded as a failure by actual professionals, not the fanboys for whom Apple can do no wrong.

It's been discovered that the new i9 processors are outperformed by the older i7 processors, not due to a fault in the CPU, but because the case of the new products is the same as the case of the old product, which was a case of form over function.  Apple has placed very aggressive thermal controls on the machine and aggressively throttles the CPU to keep the heat down.  So you spend money on an i9 to get less performance than an i7.  

Apple denied that they had revised the keyboard, possibly to avoid further complicating the existing class action suit regarding the disastrous butterfly keyboards in last year's MacBook Not-Pro.  Later they changed their story after iFixit revealed that there was now a silicon fitting between the key and the keyboard switch, claiming that the new silicon exists to keep dust and detritus out of the underlying electronics.  Isn't that a fix to the 2017 defective keyboards?

implementing Tru Tone from the iPad onto a laptop ostensibly designed for a professional is a waste and indicative that the new product is not built for professionals.  A screen that changes colours based on the ambient light ensures that your edits will be wrong.  That's why real pros use screen calibration to keep the colour correct so as not to screw up the editing process.

So we have an underpowered device, by design, with a screen that by default changes colour, and a lousy keyboard that is completely not a fix but is for an older lousy keyboard.  It's still dongle city and the top of the line video chip is not actually top of the line at all, but cannot even keep up with a nVidia chip from two years ago.

Pro my a**