Correct Microshake in your Images with Piccure+ (DEMO)

Hey gang,

I've written in the past about using Piccure+ to correct microshake and to correct for lens aberrations, two services it does wonderfully.  I was recently finalizing some images of some High School football game shots to share with the coach when I discovered on zooming in that some of my selects weren't quite as clear as I had thought in the initial culling process.  Sometimes, in excitement we might stab the shutter rather than squeezing, or even with the great tools in image stabilization be pushing things a bit in terms of focal length, shutter speed, physical location and weather effects.

I've put together this short video to show how Piccure+ can be used to make the subtle corrections needed to counter microshake that plain old sharpening just cannot do.  Have a look, and if you like what you see, support the Photo Video Guy, by downloading Piccure+ through the website link in the sidebar.