Episode 100 : Getting Started with Video on Your Still Camera

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Welcome to Episode #100 of the Make Better Photos and Videos podcast. This is a milestone for sure and I am very appreciative of everyone who invests the time to listen. On this episode, I am joined by my special guest Fernando Santos. Nando and I are the two moderators for the KelbyOne Community provided to KelbyOne members. While I have been shooting video for some time, it’s new for Nando, and he suggested that we do an episode as a conversation where he asked the real questions that still photographers who have not done video want answers for. I thought that his suggestion was brilliant and you can listen in to how it all went here. Since the recording, he’s already done a couple of videos to promote a workshop that he is doing in Lisbon as his “instructional tests” and he’s very happy with how easy it has proven to be.

You can find out more about Fernando at his site fernandosantos.com or chickynando.com