You Need This Book in your Photographic Library

Folks who know me, know that I support my friends.  They also know that I don't "spin" stories to suit a desired outcome.  Those things clear, I am writing this post to tell you that you WANT and NEED to get my friend Rick Sammon's book called Creative Visualization for Photographers.

Rick has been at this game for over forty years, a bit longer than myself.  He is known for synthesizing concepts into easily remembered quotations such as "dead centre is deadly".  He's also an exceptional educator and I've enjoyed his teachings both live and in video.

I call him my friend, which is probably an exaggeration on my part, it's just that in the times that we do chat, he is always friendly and it feels like we just saw each other.  We share interests in guitar, as well photography and there are multiple times when our outlook is the same.  

All that mushy stuff aside, this is a great book.  It is practical and written in a very consumable style.  I ordered it when it came out, and then waited because it was on back order at Amazon for some time.  I wanted to take my time reading it, because all too often I read over the top reviews of something the day that the author got it, and that makes me itchy.

I've read the entire thing twice now.  The first time all the way through to get a sense of tone and value and then again in segments to make notes of the wisdom and useful guidance.  You will not learn to achieve world peace, but you will, if you apply the guidance, become a better photographer and in my mind become a happier photographer when you realize the audience you are really creating for is yourself.  That's not a new idea for me as regular readers know, but it was very pleasing to see the same perspective from someone I have great respect for.

If you click on the image of the book in this post, you'll be taken to the book's page on Amazon and if you buy the book that way, you will be helping me out a tiny bit financially and that helps me keep delivering content that you find useful.