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Hey folks.  If you were not already clear that I love the stuff from Think Tank Photo, well, now you are.  I have bought many bags from the company over the years and have never been disappointed in the usability, build quality or practicality of their products.  I have seen many other offerings and none achieve the breadth and scope of what comes out of the company.

As you may know, the company had a separate entity called Mindshift Gear who focused on protective backpacks for creatives heading into harsher terrain.  I've reviewed those products and while I am no serious hiker, used my Firstlight 30L for a recent video project, carrying a cinema camera and a number of Sigma cinema lenses safely and without any pain on my part.  Think Tank Photo and Mindshift Gear recently merged together into a single organization.  Two great lines with continuity where appropriate and unique design principles where it matters.

One of my favourite bag lines just got a big refresh.  The Retrospective line was just updated to version 2.

Retrospective 20 V2.0

Retrospective 20 V2.0

While some folks get really excited about a new version of a lens, I am very pleased by what the team has done with the new Retrospective lineup.  What I have always appreciated about the Retrospectives is that they do not look like camera bags.  They are not covered in logos, and while being extremely well made, they have no neon lights or flashes screaming "expensive camera equipment - PLEASE ROB ME"  I cut logos off bags and never wear a logoed strap because they are such targets.  I also choose not to be a walking billboard, but that's a personal thing.

The new bags are lighter than the original series and retain their form fitting nature.  Because they conform to you, you don't end up bruised from a bag bouncing around.  They have added a zippered opening under the main flap and enhanced the "Silencer" system for when you want to be able to get in an out of the bag quickly but quietly.  Very few things are more disturbing in a quiet location than the tearing sound of velcro being separated.  They have added a compressible water bottle compartment, and also added a luggage passthrough on the back to allow you to place the bag over the handle of your drag aboard luggage.  Depending on the bag size chose, there is a dedicated tablet or laptop pocket.

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