the Nikon D850 Non-Announcement

On July 25th, Nikon announced the development of the replacement for the D810.  It will be called the D850.  Just as has been predicted for months.  In fact the development hasn't even been a question.  Too bad the announcement is utterly content free.

Nikon's press release says it will be better than the D810.  And that's all they say.  There is a 49 second 8K time-lapse video that you can watch called Hercules Rising.  The title is much more exciting than the video.

Big congratulations to Nikon for making a press release with so little content it achieves the Infinitesimal Award for No Story Here.  For a company in such financial trouble, this is another bullet to a major organ.

I feel like an idiot, standing up for the company despite a litany of complete screw-ups culminating in yet another recall on the D750 (seriously you cannot fix this thing after three years?)  Then they pull a marketing stunt like this making a big deal out of nothing.

They even gave materials to their vendors to spam us with, also replete with no useful info and the opportunity to sign up for more spam on a camera that has no specifications, no pricing and no delivery date.

What a complete load of dung.