The Photo Video Guy Podcast - Episode 53

Nikon announces the D7100 and the Wr-1 radio remote.  Nikon is rumoured to be bringing out a 16MP fixed lens compact.  Nikon issues a service advisory for the D600.  Canon issues a service advisory for the 1Dx and the 5D Mk III.  Canon's EOS-M firmware update won't address slow AF performance.  Rumour mill specs are out for the 7D Mk II.  Testers unimpressed with the Sony RX-1.  Sony introduces NEX-3n and A58 along with new A lenses, a 50/1.4 and 70-400/4-5.6G.  Prerelease reviews of the Leica M (240) gush with praise.  Cactus releasing laser trip releases.