Episode 86 : The Photo Video Guy Podcast

Yong Nuo releases iTTL radio based flash controller for Nikon Nikon updates Capture NX to 2.4.6 to support D3300

Nikon has scheduled a press conference announcement for Feb 11.  Expect the official release of the D4s

Nikon US has confirmed the return of Nikon "lens only" rebates

Nikon released a slew of P&S cameras that won't matter because that marketplace is dead

Hasselblad releases first DSLR, it's a Sony A99 in titanium, for $10K call it unobtainium

Too much money?  $490 for a leather half case for your Leica M

Tamrac has been on the edge lately but this week announced new messenger bags

Canon has announced the patent of a new 70-400 4.5-5.6L IS, looks like a twist but hard to be sure

Canon patents 17-55/3.5-5.6 IS STM EF-S

Canon rumours for CP+ - Rebel priced below the SL1, replacement for the G1x, more P&S for a dead market

Pentax has upgraded the firmware for the K-3

Ricoh promises a CMOS based Pentax 645 at CP+ this week

Ricoh has announced a new HD 1.4x teleconverter

Tamron is building a 16-300 /3.5-6.3 for APS-C sensors and a 28-300/3.5-6.3 for full frame

Panasonic announced the DMC-GH4 m43 camera with 4K video capability, expandable to include SDI and XLR ports