Episode 80 - The Photo Video Guy Podcast

Nikon announces the DF, lots of noise, preorders not as strong as expected.  Nikon revenues are down, company drops full year forecast.  Nikon releases new firmware for the D3100, D3200, D5100, D5200 and P7700.  D610 is oil spot free.  Nikon updartes NEF to 1.20.0   Canon to release the SL-1 in white.  Canon releases and then pulls firmware for the C300.   Gordon Laing reviews the Sony A7/A7r.  Fuji releases E lenses firmware updates.  Ricoh announces ultra wide for Q.  Adobe has release candidates for ACR 8.3 and LR 5.3.  Blackmagic updates firmware for Pocket Cinema Camera.  Apple updates RAW converter and patches Aperture.

The Photo Video Guy Podcast - Episode 76

Nikon announces the D610 which is a D600 in a new logo.  Nikon updates Capture NX to 2.4.4 and files a patent for an interchangeable sensor.  Canon to release a new 18-300 EF-S and 50/1.4 EF.  Adobe Creative Cloud databased breached, 2.9M accounts stolen.  Adobe releases Photoshop Elements 12.  DxO releases Viewpoint 2.0.  Google+ gets better RAW to JPEG conversion.