The Photo Video Guy Podcast - Episode 51

D4x rmours and Nikon cuts profit forecast.  Canon to release high MP 1 series in 2014 and firmware updates for 5D Mk III and 1Dx.  Panasonic devises new sensor design for lower noise in low light.  Casio thinks the future is in point and shoots, denies being on acid.  Sony to release a 20MP  APS-C sensor in the Alpha 58.  Apple enhances RAW converter to 4.0.4  ProCutX brings FCPX controller to the iPad.  Camranger allows remote control of DSLRs from the iPad.  Shots from the last roll of Kodachrome now up on Steve McCurry's blog and the National Geographic offers a DVD set of magazines going back to the late 1800s for $25

The Photo Video Guy Podcast - Episode 36

Nikon press release on Oct 24, may be the V2? Rumours of a D4x exxagerrated, new 32/1.2 for 1 series. EyeFi cards don't work in the D800 family. Canon to release new lenses in 2013, 18-0300 EFS and 24-300 EF. New firmware for OM-D EM-5. Adobe updates Lightroom and Camera Raw, releases lossy DNG format. DxO Optics updates include support for the 1Dx and D600. I close wiht an opinion on the short term future of APS-C