FlashZebra : A great place for flash accessories

Not all of us use a flash regularly, but if you do, you want to know about FlashZebra.  These folks are a web merchant and their focus is on accessories for flash.  From AA extended battery packs to conversion shoes, replacement feet to sync cables, they've got a great selection.  They also have very cost effective kits of pre-cut flash gels for colour correction and creative work.  Neat. I was watching a segment on KelbyTV and Scott was talking about remotely controlling his camera when shooting pro football with Pocket Wizards as triggers.  I do this now with a Hahnel device and it works really well, but I want to use a more powerful radio, and I already own one in the Pocket Wizard Plus IIIs that I have.  I looked into the PW cables to enable this for the Canons and the Hasselblad (standard micro connector) and when I saw the prices from PW for these things I nearly puked.  I've become convinced that even when PW does make a good product they manage to shoot themselves in the cranial vault with stupid ripoff pricing and accessories you'd only buy while tripping on LSD.

Hence I was very pleased to discover the FlashZebra has cables for Canon and Nikon cameras to work with the PW Plus III units for exactly the purpose I need and that I could buy 6 for the price of a single PW N3 cable.  You order online, pay by credit card or Paypal and they ship the goods to you.  Shipping from the US was $5 for my order so well worth it.

Go take a look at FlashZebra.  They might have exactly what you need.