Quick Look : Easy-Go Speedlite Reflector and Pixel Wireless eTTL Kit

I took some time to do a quick review of a couple of products over the last couple of days.

The first is the Easy-Go Speedlite Reflector and mount.  I tried the unit with a 580 EX II, a Metz MB58 AF-2 and a Sigma DG Super.  To my disappointment, the unit does something that completely screws up the eTTL measurements resulting in underexposure by on average three stops.  Since each flash works fine on a variety of bodies in eTTL without the reflector, and multiple bodies and multiple flashes produce underexposed shots with the reflector, I have to say it's the reflector.  So, save the $60 for the reflector and mount and get a collapsible Gary Fong light dome.  It works flawlessly, gives wonderful soft light and doesn't mess up the eTTL flash.  The Easy-Go stuff feels cheap and earns 0 stars.

I also took time to check out the King eTTL Flash transmitter and receiver kit from Pixel Enterprise.  It's basically a clone of the acclaimed Pocket Wizard eTTL controllers.  There is a designated transmitter and receiver.  Both use two AA batteries.  The radio control is simple and effective and eTTL exposures are excellent.  The system offers three channels and three zones.  I won't be dumping my collection of Pocket Wizards, but if all you need is radio controlled remote eTTL solution for a single flash this kit is relatively inexpensive and works well.  And, since it is radio and not Infrared, it will work outside and in situations where there are other photographers discharging flash.  3 stars out of 5.