Episode 81 - The Photo Video Guy Podcast

Piccure - micro camera shake correction.  Nikon D5300 has focus issues with some Sigma lenses, fix maybe.  Nikon Df shipping.  Nikon stock poor performer in 2013.  Nikon to release Nikon 1 V3 in January.  Google RAW coming to Android.  Fujifilm announces digital magazine for X Series owners, updates X series firmware again.  Canon C300 gets new firmware and wins Asia Silver Award.  Canon to release new non-L primes in 2014 with IS.  Adobe deal on PS/LR for $9.99 / mth ends Dec 2nd.  Leica prices go up Jan 1, 2014.  Leica takes over Sinar.  Leica M240 deisgned by Jony Ive and Mark Newsome sells for $1.8M at auction.  Olympus releases new firmware for the OM-D E-M1.  Roger Cicala writes the Devil's Photography Dictionary.