Episode 85 - The Photo Video Guy Podcast

Nikon replacing D600 with D610 under service.  Nikon releases D3300, 35/18G.  Nikon firmware for Df, D5200, D3200.  Expecting D4s and 1 V3 at CP+.  Update of ViewNX available now.  Fuji has new grips for X-E and X-Pro.  Fuji files new sensor patent with different sized pixels.  Fuji announce X-T1.  Adobe adds perspective warp to Photoshop CC and leaks Lightroom Mobile, great idea, stupid price.  Leica celebrates 100th birthday and plans release of new T series mirrorless in April.  PhaseOne and Hasselblad bring CMOS to medium format.  Gitzo adopts Arca Swiss style plate system.  Olympus releases OM-D E-M10, 25/18 and 14-42 zoom.  Firmware for the OM-D E-M5 updated.  Canon announces financials and nothing of interest at CES.  Canon has filed a patent for 11-24/4.  Zeiss announces a 50/2.8 macro to fit Sony and Fuji.  Sony updates firmware on QX10 and QX1009.

The Photo Video Guy Podcast - Episode 67

Canon testing 75MP DSLR.  Canon patents 50/1.8IS.  Canon financials released, PSmarket crashing.Nikon patents new sensor design.  Nikon 200/2 ED VR II sharpest lens ever tested by DxO.  Hassleblad releases the Stellar.  SANdisk announces wireless flash storage.  Fuji roadmaps XC50-230/4.5-6.7 and updates X series firmware with a patch.  Manfrotto supports Arca Swiss plates.  Photoshop World attendees get 1 full year of Creative Cloud free.  Breathing Color paper available in Canada.  Set My Camera DF iPhone app.  Westcott Skylux now in Canada at $1200