Sigma Opens the Doors on Native E Mount Lenses for Sony


We've known that this was coming but I'm thrilled to see not one or two native E mount ART series lenses from Sigma for Sony but 7!

You can read the release here.

The lenses are not all out as yet, and will release one by one as they are made available.  Sigma's release did not specify which lenses would be arriving or in what order.  I am going to going to guess that the lineup will include the 20mm, the 24mm, the 35mm, the 50mm, the 85mm, the 105mm and the 135mm.  The count is right and matches what exists in the ART series of primes at the present.  I have shot every one of these lenses other than the just announced 105/1.4 and to a lens, they have been absolutely superb.

This is great news for Sony E mount shooters, especially those working with the FE full frame sensor.