REVIEW ; MindShift Filter Hive

You know I love Think Tank products.  Well you may not know that MindShift is related to Think Tank.  They do cool gear for more than just photography, but today, I want to tell you about my favourite MindShift product.

This is the MindShift Filter Hive Large.  It goes on your belt or clips to your bag or has a small strap with buckle to tie it off to something.  It holds filters.  All kinds of filters.  In fact, it is so versatile that this one bag holds Heliopan Variable NDs, several polarizers, a number of Cokin Z series grads, a Lee Big Stopper, step rings, a Lee filter holder, and all the adapter rings.  Everything neatly ordered in padded and scratch proof slots.  

No more fumbling with filter cases, no more worrying about tissues and wraps and if your filters come in soft pouches like the Z series Cokins, well those pouches fit the slots as well.  Sells for about $55 USD, order through your local dealer or here