Photo Video News Update September 18, 2016

Fountain pen on news text

As I finish compiling this, Photokina is opening.  I will try to keep the Photokina announcements together, but some came early and so you will see them here.  Photokina is a hugely exciting time for photographers with new offerings from a multitude of providers.  Expect the next release of the news update to be filled with new gear

Canon users may wish to download new versions of Digital Photo Professional and the EOS Utility.  Note that you will need your current camera serial number, because Canon thinks non-Canon users want their software.

More proof that Getty Images plays fast and loose with public domain images.  Some may use the noun dirtbags.

Atomos releases the Shogun Inferno external video recorder/monitor

Canon releases a free micro focus adjustment guidebook

Leica announces new firmware for the S series

Moronic mother shoots on the sidelines at football game with two children strapped to her.  This isn't "empowerment" this is stupid.  One hit from a player running or falling out of bounds could kill that baby.

New 4x5 instant film.  Cool!

Canon announces the EOS-M5 mirrorless.  It would be quite impressive if it were still 2014.  Since it isn't, looks like too little for too much, too late.  Meh.

Canon announces a lens with an LCD information panel.

Leica announces the Sofort Instant Camera

Profoto D2 Moonlight announced - see my full article on this 

Metz announces a new flash built with the Sony Multi Interface system

Pocket Wizard builds a Flex TT5 system for Panasonic