Photo Video News Update : Sept 10, 2016

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Hey everyone, here's your photo video news update for September 10, 2016, curated by The Photo Video Guy!


Leica announces a new lens, the 60/2.8 Elmarit Macro APO

IATA releases new rules for air transportation of Lithium batteries

This is Sony's new 4K optically stabilized Action Cam

Nikon has moved to offering user direct online training

Sony issues a press release on the state of their Kumamoto sensor manufacturing site

Guy in NYC with tree shears chops selfie sticks

Because idiocy is still not properly dealt with, morons destroy an Oregon location

Tamron has announced a new 18-270 lens for APS-C cameras

Adobe has announced some significant updates coming soon to Creative Cloud

Cooke Optics, known for their killer CINE lenses, has announced a series is coming for use on DSLRs and Mirrorless bodies

Canon has updated their Pixma lineup of photo printers

G-Technology, maker of storage products for creatives, has extended their product lineup

Sigma is entering the CINE lens game.  They won't ship for a bit, but this is a very significant announcement

Surprise!  You can actually do some basic video editing in Lightroom!

Canon has released a firmware update for the 7D Mark II

Zeiss has announced three new Milvus lenses in Nikon F mount

Pub owner decides that all photos on Google are free and slams photographer who asks for credit for the use of her work.  The gaelic word for this is "dick"

There is a firmware update for the Sony 50/1.8 FE lens that fixes AF issues

Leica has announced 0.8 M Series CINEMA lenses.  Where did that armoured car go?

The long rumoured 18-110 Sony PZ E zoom lens is announced

Tokina gets into the CINE lens game.  Everyone!  Into the pool!

Dorksticks at Facebook ban Nick Ut's iconic "napalm girl" photograph from the Vietnam War, get hammered on the internet and then recant.  Facebook logic.  Napalm burned child ok.  Naked child not ok.  Morons.

Blackmagic Design announces the acquisition of Ultimatte and Fairlight

Canon has released a firmware update for the 1Dx Mark II

If that looks like a long list, note that I don't report on smartphone photo / video news and there were literally hundreds of articles on the not yet shipping iPhone 7.  I also don't cover rumours and speculation.  With Photokina imminent, many of the rumours will turn into facts one way or the other.  The large amount of video news comes out of the IBC event.