Photo Video News Update - October 9, 2106

Fountain pen on news text

I'm back to the standard news update.  After the drenching from Photokina week and the follow on, we are back to mostly regular news releases.

Elinchrom introduces a Skyport controller for Olympus.  It's good to see Olympus getting some love from the studio strobe maker Elinchrom.  Helps to increase the scope for use of Olympus product in studios and pro scenarios.

Capture One 9.3 has been updated with support for the Canon 5D4

Sandisk has introduced an SD card with a 1TB capacity.  You're so busy you cannot download?

Alien Skin releases Exposure X2.

Broncolor brings high speed sync

Sony has firmware updates for the a7II and a7IIs to support radio controlled flash

Just days after GoPro released the long delayed Karma drone, DJI leapt into the fray with the Mavic.

Canon has released a large number of firmware updates.  Cameras affected include the 5D Mark IV, 70D, 6D, SL1, Rebel T5i and Rebel T6

PhaseOne updates the XF.  Again.  A nice commitment to value retention

Ricoh has updated the firmware for the Pentax K-1.

Gitzo updates the Systematic line

Sony has announced the RX100 V.  The fifth edition of this killer point and shoot will be available shortly at about the same price as the RX100 IV.  There are multiple retailers already carrying stock of the I, the II, the III and the IV.  Adding the V will take up more counter real estate and likely confuse buyers.

Just months after the release of the a6300, Sony has announced the a6500.  It has a faster CPU and a larger buffer.  

I love the Fujifilm X-Pro 2 and its been made even more impressive with firmware 2.0

Bowens will use Photoplus Expo to officially launch their new XMS and XMT series of strobes.