Photo Video News Update - October 23, 2016

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Hey gang,

Here's your curated photo video news update up to October 23, 2016.  Enjoy!

Hoya introduces new ND filters with infrared filtration.  Cheap ND filters can produce a colour cast, and that's what Hoya aims to fix.  I have an alternative.  Don't buy cheap ND filters in the first place.  Stick with B+W or Heliopan and you won't have a colour shift problem at all.

Sigma's CEO is a real straight shooter.  He recently confirmed a roadmap for Sony FE mount lenses.

Users of the Sony PMW-FS5 and PMW-F55 have new firmware available

Trove of glass negatives found in Illinois condemned house.  This kind of discovery always thrills me, especially when I get to see the images.  It's history discovered

Ricoh announces a mid priced 360 camera.  I tasted the top of the line model and found the entire process and image quality underwhelming but other folks love the look

Atomos is shipping the Shogun Inferno.  4K at 60p full bandwidth

Lovers of the form factor and superior durability of the CF card format will be pleased to learn of the coming release of CFexpress.  Hardened reliable cards supporting up to 8GB/s bandwidth.

Canadian tourist spends 13 days in Cuban prison for flying his drone in Cuba.  Charming.

There's no software for upscaling, sadly only on Windows.  It's reported to be better than Photoshop

Here's why you cannot find GoPro Hero5 and Session5 action cameras on Amazon.

As mentioned in my dedicated post, Macphun has announced Luminar

Nikon announces two new lenses.  There's a 19mm tilt shift and a replacement for the venerable 70-200/2.8  Both lenses should be available by the end of November 2016 so retailers with stock in the old 70-200 had better be negotiating rebates or returns because the old glass will not sell in the face of the new glass.

Sigma has announced pricing for their coming CINE zoom lenses.  What may look crazy expensive at first glance is surprisingly affordable when you compare these prices to other manufacturer's CINE glass.  It's a very different game and I cannot wait to test them.

Hasselblad releases Phocus 3.1