Photo Video News Update August 5

Hey everyone,

I have been a bit lax with the news updates, so this post has many items.  

A very good article by a professional photographer  Dear Clients: Don’t Ask Photographers for a Reshoot of Good Photos

Composition Leveraging Lines Lines Reveal the Great Compositions in Famous Movies

Pretty cool video on how a shutter works Super Slow Motion Shows How an SLR Camera Shutter Works

Yahoo has been sold.  What does this mean for Flickr? Flickr ownership changes hands as Verizon acquires Yahoo

Excellent article for models, and for photographers seeking to hire models Models, Beware the Warning Signs of Creepy ‘Photographers’

Photographer sues Getty Images for $1B for selling her public domain images Photographer Suing Getty Images for $1 Billion

Some really great ideas 10 Photography Accessories You Can Buy at the Supermarket

Astropad is updated Astropad 2.0 brings better performance and increased compatibility