PERSPECTIVES : The Slot Crisis

Perspektive Vision

A while back, I had this idea for an ad-hoc video to share thoughts on some more general topics. I made a few videos, including one on this topic and I just wasn’t happy with them, so for the moment, I’m going back to text. You will find all such pieces with the word PERSPECTIVES in the title line.

In this piece, I want to offer some considerations on a problem that is apparently plaguing all of us as creatives who are considering a new camera. Without further ado, join me in discussing The Slot Crisis.

Are two memory card slots better than one? The general answer we hear is yes, but that's not true if there is no use case for the second slot. I have met hundreds of photographers who own cameras with two memory card slots, who never load a card into the second one. The reason is simple. They have no need to do so.

I've been watching the recent releases of new mirrorless cameras from both Nikon and Canon. There is a lot of enthusiasm and of course a lot of criticism. Are the cameras good at making images when used with good glass? I've never shot either one, but knowing Canon and Nikon as I do, I am willing to bet that the general viewer of still imagery would never be able to tell what camera, or lens made any shot, especially if the image is displayed on the web. 

Which one is better? Check each offering against your personal real world use cases and ignore all the reviews, mcmarketing and the rest of the babble. You'll find out, and I bet that if you did a side by side you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between them from an image perspective.

But the real crisis is the number of memory card slots. Based on some of the bleating about each of these releases only having one memory card slot, you'd think that the makers invaded homes at night and cut people's non-dominant arm off. 

For years we have worked just fine with single slot cameras. Yet now it appears that a new camera without dual slots is a general capitol crime. This is a complete load of crap.

Do you have a real use case that demands that you have two card slots? If you do, then these are not the right cameras for you. Conversation over. Be disappointed. Put your money elsewhere. If you don't have a two card use case, then this is a tempest in a teacup, sound and fury signifying nothing.

And for all those who have rated these offerings as generally unacceptable because they lack dual card slots, take a big dose of shut up and go away. Vote with your money and with your personal use cases and otherwise stick to the facts.

I actually have use cases where dual card slots are important for paid work. They are not on all the time, so I weigh them accordingly. I've also never had a Sandisk or Lexar card fail on me, in over 300,000 exposures. I have seen other brands fail. I don't buy them. Problem well addressed. My Hasselblad has only one slot. Back in the days when I shot film, my cameras only took ONE roll of film at a time!! No screaming and gnashing of teeth back then. Never had a film camera go bad on a job back then either, whether Hasselblad, Mamiya, Canon, Nikon, Minolta or Leica. I've never had a digital camera go bad on me either. Perhaps the worldwide slot crisis is just a bunch of whining.

Something to think about.

Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, peace.