ON1 Photo 10 Update - Now Available Resize 10

While the entire ON1 Photo 10 suite is extremely awesome, I really want to credit the ON1 team.  When I first saw ON1 Photo 10, just prior to formal release, i was impressed but noticed that there was no standalone Perfect Resize.  Many of the functions were in other modules, but for me, and a lot of other pros, Perfect Resize had proven itself as the fastest and most consistent resizing tool on the planet, back to when it was still called Perfect Fractals.

ON1 is a very cool company because they listen to their reviewers and supporters.  I plainly was not alone in asking the question, because in relatively short order after asking what was happening, I received a personal email advising that due to demand, Perfect Resize would return as a modular component to ON1 Photo 10.  Prior to it being available, ON1 made Perfect Resize 9.5 available to all Photo 10 customers to get them through their workflows.  Excellent customer orientation in my opinion.

I was advised this week that the latest update to ON1 Photo 10 is now available as a free update to licensed users and part of that update is the inclusion of Resize 10!  

Hooray!  If you've ever had to do a resize and didn't have and understand the image and canvas options in Photoshop, odds were good it was going to be a five alarm headache.  Now Photoshop does a great job and it has gotten easier over the years, but for speed, efficiency and incredible quality, Resize 10 is hard to beat.

You can purchase ON1 Photo 10 via the link in the sidebar.  Doing so is appreciated because it helps support the site.  Current owners of ON1 Photo 10 will receive Resize 10 as part of the latest update.