Nikon Announces Three New Lenses

The nice people at Nikon did a press release today announcing three new lenses.  They are the AF-P DX 10-20/4.5-5.6G VR, the AF-S Fisheye Nikkor 8-15/3.5-4.5E ED and the AF-S Nikkor 28/1.4E ED

The 10-20 is a new DX lens designed for crop sensor cameras to provide them an ultra wide zoom with a full frame equivalent field of view of 15mm to 30mm.  The P designates the Pulse motor which means silent focus if used while shooting video to eliminate e focus noise.  Vibration reduction is nice to have, even in an ultra wide, but the medium aperture range tells us that this lens will work best in situations with good lighting.  Close focus is 8.6 inches which will make the lens versatile when used in multi-purpose scenarios, particularly while travelling.  Pricing is targeted at about $415 CDN with availability mid summer.

The 8-15 fisheye is a variable focal length circular fisheye.  When used at the longer focal length, the image will fill the frame, not dissimilar to Canon's 8-15 fisheye.  This focal length range is very versatile and the zoom capability combined with the option of circular or rectangular imaging significantly increases the lens' usability.  Where fixed circular fisheyes are cool, the use cases are limited.  This flexible lens will be much more agile in terms of use cases.  Delivery is expected mid summer 2017 at an expected price of about $1700.

The 28mm f/1.4 is a strong complement to the existing 24/1.4 and 35/1.4, both hallmarks of Nikon's fast prime series.  These have always been absolutely top line lenses, and this focal length may fill a niche for those seeking both wide angle and the ability to shoot at higher shutter speeds in really low light without jacking the ISO.  At f/1.4 the depth of field will also be reasonably shallow, allowing for creative composition that you just cannot get with a slower lens. It is also due mid summer 2017 at an expected price of around $2700.

Obviously, I have not seen any of these new lenses yet as they are just announced and not shipping.  I may be so lucky to do so when they are available and if so will do a proper review at that time.

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