New from the folks at Macphun - Aurora HDR developed with Trey Ratcliff

Photographers everywhere place the words HDR and the photographer Trey Ratcliff in the same wheelhouse, because Trey's work is synonymous with HDR.  Coming November 19, 2015 is a brand new application from the great people at Macphun called Aurora HDR and it was built in conjunction with Mr. HDR himself, Trey Ratcliff.

I love the software from Macphun.  It's always very solid and very fast.  There are excellent presets, but for me at least, more important is the ability to simply apply my own choices for creative control whether starting with a preset and building on it or starting from the original image.  

The control layout is very easy to follow as you can see in this introductory video.  There is wonderful consistency in UI in the Macphun products and that makes them all very easy to use.  The Pro version includes some Trey specific additions that you might just fall in love with.

You can preorder AuroraHDR by heading to and based on what I've seen, if you are an HDR kind of photographer, you should do so right away.

AuroraHDR can work completely standalone as can other Macphun apps but can also be called as a plugin from Lightroom, Photoshop and Aperture.

You know you want it, get it today!