Illuminating the Face - A Workshop with Peter Hurley

When it comes to headshot photography, the name Peter Hurley always leaps to mind.  Peter is widely recognized as a master of this realm, with books, videos, training and photography products consumed by thousands of people looking to learn from him.

On March 24th, Peter Hurley will be in Toronto for the Illuminating the Face event sponsored by Henry's Learning Labs.  I am personally very excited to be involved in the event in conjunction with my role as a Learning Labs instructor and doing some logistics management for this great event.

There are only 30 spaces available and as of this writing, only 11 remained.  This is an amazing opportunity to learn from the Headshot master.

At $425 for the entire day, this is an incredible value.  To register, simply click this link and you will be directed to the registration site to sign up and for more information.

I will be there.  Will you?