Don't Forget the Clock in your Camera!


With all the reminders to reset clocks for the change to standard time (where daylight savings time was implemented), don’t forget your favourite imaging device buried in your camera bag.

While the in camera clock setting may look like it means nothing to you, and it actually may not to be honest, it does contribute EXIF information to your exposure. It will also influence how the images import if you use a date/time import methodology such as that used in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC.

While some cameras have built in GPS that will sync the camera clock, lot’s of people turn it off because it is such a battery suck. If your camera supports remote control via your smartphone, you should be prompted to sync times on your next connection, but really, how hard is it to turn the camera on, set the time and turn it off again. A couple of minutes? Didn’t you all get an extra hour today?