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I was recently approached by the Partnership Manager at DESIGNEVO to take a look at their web based logo maker.  They offered me the full tier use if I would do a review.  I share this in the spirit of full disclosure, no other benefits were offered to me.  Let's take a look at what it delivers.


Many creatives want a nice logo for their business or even their hobby, but not all of us are designers.  Certainly we can use the rich type controls in Photoshop to make a script logo, but including graphics can be challenging if we do not have access to them.


DESIGNEVO is really a one stop shop for this sort of thing.  You go to their site at and can start creating a free logo right away.  The process is very straightforward.  

They have a number of professionally designed templates for you to start with, or if you wish you can start from scratch.  

There is a wide selection of clipart of good quality available and you can size your logo as you see fit.  The clipart can take the form of predesigned icons (over a million options) that you select using keyword searches, or in the form of shapes selected from a wide range of categories.  You can apply a large number of fonts to your text and also manipulate the text in curves if you so desire.  

It is possible to set a background colour for your logo and to apply solid colours or gradients to your text and graphic elements.

DESIGNEVO is not a design platform, it is a template driven tool to make building a logo simple.  The tools are easy to use but limited in customization, as befits a tool built for the purpose intended.  

Once you complete your logo, you have three choices at time of download.  Free gives you a maximum 500px x500px logo in PNG/JPG.  Basic gives you a logo up to 5000px x 5000px in PNG/JPG with the option of PNG with a transparent background, lifetime support, and the ability to re-edit and re-download your logo.  Basic costs $19.99 USD.  Plus gives you everything in Basic plus SVG and vector PDF files as well as the right to register the logo as a trademark.  That last point struck me as odd, given that trademark registration is unique to different countries and that there is no specific release included with the downloaded logo in the Plus program.

Service models for DESIGNEVO

Service models for DESIGNEVO

The obvious benefits here are that there is no software to install, and that you can do the work from any browser.  Just be clear that if you want to work again on a logo once downloaded, you have to have the Basic or Plus package for that logo.

I understand the rationale for charging on a per logo basis, because that is what a professional designer would do, but I would propose that the firm would have more success if each package included a number of logos rather than just one.  I suppose that you could create many logos on the free plan, and then upgrade only the one that you wanted to go on with, but this strikes me as a bit convoluted.

This solution is likely to be more cost effective than some of the Facebook advertised logo makers who charge $50 for a logo that is basically script text, but a professional designer is going to do something more unique for you.

I made a couple of logos using the system, one for my media company to use on envelopes, print holders and mailer tubes and one very quickly as a stamp type logo for The Photo Video Guy.


Another benefit that I noted with the downloaded logo from the Plus pack is the inclusion of the Truetype fonts used in the logo, handy for consistency in other materials.


If you need one logo that you can reedit the Basic package is a good value.  The Plus package adds the vector files, but I am not clear on the "trademark" value proposition.  If you are a creative who designs logos, you are probably looking for something much richer to work with such as Affinity Designer or Synium Logoist 3.  DESIGNEVO looks perfect for those needing rapid design and delivery.

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