Preorder Now! Macphun Creative Kit 2016

Photographers like to be creative.  Some of us like to extend our creativity into the digital darkroom.  Some of that group have chosen a Macintosh as their platform of choice.  For these people, the Macphun Creative Kit is an excellent toolset.

Until October 15, the Macphun team is offering an amazing deal.  Preorder the Creative Kit 2016 right now and pay $79.99 USD.  You'll be able to buy after the release but the price will move to its regular price of $149.99 USD so it pays you to buy it early.  Oh, and there are bonuses only available to those doing the preorder.

When you do, you get all the current products and one day before official release you will get the Creative Kit 2016.  Here's what you get

  • Noiseless Pro
  • Tonality Pro
  • Snapheal Pro 
  • FX Photo Studio Pro
  • Focus Pro
  • Intensify Pro

Plus the following Bonuses

  • Pro HD Video training by renowned photographer Serge Ramelli
  • Premium Textures Pack for Intensify, Noiseless and Tonality
  • Snapselect for Mac
  • Two eBooks by Ellen Anon covering Intensify Pro and Tonality Pro

FX Photo Studio Pro is a brand new offering with over 200  unique filters.  In the past you installed each package individually, now they are all installed with a single installer that also makes the plugins available in your favourite editing applications (Lightroom, Photoshop, Elements, Aperture).  Images can be cross-shared amongst applications, and all the Macphun Creative Kit 2016 apps are OS X El Capitan ready.

To preorder the Creative Kit 2016, just click the links in this post but remember, time is limited to October 14th for the special offer!