Cameron HSS-240 Receivers en route

Cameron HSS-240 Receiver

Cameron HSS-240 Receiver

Prior to the 2015 holidays, I had an opportunity to review a set of TTL radio trigger/receivers under the Cameron brand, an exclusive to Henry's here in Canada.  Finding a set of radio controllers for hotshoe flash that supported three groups, four channels, TTL, manual flash and remote power control without breaking the bank has always been a challenge.

I really like the gear, and in an article written for Henry's, provided my assessment on the products because let's face it, sometimes offshore kit doesn't deliver or has very odd behaviour.  The Cameron kit worked flawlessly but there was one problem.

The only way to buy them was as a kit containing a transmitter and a receiver.  For a system that supports multiple groups, and remote power control, it struck me as a bit ridiculous that customers couldn't easily purchase additional receivers.  I mean if you are going to spend the money on radio flash controls, odds are excellent that you would have more than one flash.

I received confirmation that Henry's should have stock in a receiver only SKU by the second week of April 2016.  The Cameron units are available for Canon or Nikon implementation.