Adobe MAX Lightroom and Photoshop News


Adobe made a number of announcements today at Adobe MAX and I wanted to share some of them that impact photographers with you.

Adobe Lightroom CC has been renamed Adobe Lightroom Classic.  New version, same core Lightroom functionality, no pain.  Except for the confusion with the stupid naming.  Update is transparent and things work as normal.  Adobe claims it is much faster.  Having been using the beta for some weeks, I will say marginally faster in some areas, the same in others.  There is a new feature called Range Mask that allows you to set an auto mask based on a colour or range of colours.

Adobe Lightroom CC has been announced and it is cloud only for those who want all their stuff in the cloud, never locally stored.  All subscribers get access to Lightroom CC via the Creative Cloud app and receive a whopping 20GB of cloud storage.  Additional storage will be sold at $10USD per terabyte per month.

Adobe Photoshop has seen significant updates.  The new version called Photoshop CC 2018 releases today.  PS will now show you a screen with all the images that you have sent to PS from LR in the past.  PS now has a new feature called QuickShare so you can share directly from Photoshop with social media, and also send a photo back to Lightroom.  I will be working through the docs on the updates and will provide more information on the PS updates in a further post.

KelbyOne has new classes available for members who want to learn about the new functions.

Thanks for reading, I'm Ross Chevalier.  Until next time, peace.