Adobe Makes Another Customer Unfriendly Change

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Remember when Adobe moved most everything to the subscription plan?

Remember when they said that one of the benefits was that you would always be able to access older versions of the software if you needed to do so?

Yeah? Well forget that. This last week Adobe announced that they would only be providing access to current and the prior two versions of software via Creative Cloud. In fact they sent emails to a number of clients telling them that they were running older versions of the software and to stop because they might be in a state of licence violation.

I grew up in the country. We call this BULLSHIT.

Apple are continually proving themselves to be a bunch of asshats by locking out functional machines from current operating systems for no good reason. Thanks to reader Pete L for pointing out that my naming of Apple in an Adobe article was not clear.

Copyright Von Glitschka | Dribble

Copyright Von Glitschka | Dribble

Many Adobe customers who do pay for the Photography Plan subscription do not have the money to buy new machines capable of running the latest versions of Windows or macOS. Yes both Microsoft and to a much larger extent the f*cktards at Apple have made their latest operating systems unable to function on older but still perfectly function hardware. They no longer support these old operating systems either. I get that, except for the Apple decision to cripple the ability of old machines to run new versions of macOS in the software itself.

Anyway, Adobe has jumped on this bandwagon too. One of my local club members showed me this charming email at a workshop that I was running yesterday. Her laptop is a perfectly functional machine running Windows 7. That machine cannot run Windows 10. So now she needs to go look for a brand new computer and all the joy and hassle that goes with that. She believes that she is running the latest version of Photoshop that runs on Windows 7, which as we know is neither the current or most previous version. The email basically just told her she was a criminal, even though Adobe had previously promised that this kind of mindless stupidity would not happen.

Adobe has again proven that they spell Customer Relationship Management F*CK YOU. The sad reality is that Adobe doesn’t care about you or I. We are simply cattle to be milked at their whim and without concern for our needs. Unlike the aforesaid cattle, we can however use other products and dump Adobe. They probably wouldn’t notice because many folks would not change and would remain victims.


Rob Sylvan over at KelbyOne tracked down a proper explanatory email. Proper meaning official as it is written in legalese and for laypeople may not be easy to follow. I have since learned that PS 18.1.7 is still usable on Windows 7 but PS 18.1.6 is one of those versions that infringes whatever. Adobe is still not clear on what the specific infringement is.

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