A New Solution for Photo and Video Travel from Think Tank Photo

As creatives, many of us travel to do what we do, and the potential legislation that will prevent the carry on of expensive equipment has many of us concerned.  We're also seeing more airlines behaving in customer hostile ways about what you can actually carry on.  Having travelled over three million miles in the air over my lifetime, I have seen passengers do some truly stupid stuff like trying to jam a 20 cubic foot bad into a 5 cubic foot overhead container and then bitch when it wouldn't fit.  Some people are just stupid.  Be that as it may, more and more gate agents are weighing and measuring carry on bags, partly to deal with passengers who cannot read, but also because less space is available for passengers as rows get pushed closer together, flights are reduced and smaller aircraft are used.  Some take great pleasure in being annoying, but most are just people doing their jobs and trying not to get their heads ripped off by management and passengers.

"You'll have to check that", or "you'll have to gate check that" are words that no creative ever wants to hear about their gear.  We've all had it happen to ourselves or to someone we know that their luggage gets treated like a soccer ball or goes somewhere other than where you are going.  We carry on because we don't want our kit damaged or stolen.  

There have been hard cases for a long time.  But we also get screwed for luggage weight, so the best answer would be a hard case, that wasn't too heavy, that had proper protection for our gear and didn't scream "steal me, I'm full of expensive camera gear".

My friends at Think Tank Photo have just announced an exciting new partnership with hard-case manufacturer SKB.  Think Tank’s designers have created internal divider sets, organizers, and a backpack designed specifically to fit within 10 SKB hard cases.  One of the downsides of hard cases is that they are basically hard shells with not a lot of other features built into them.  Think Tank’s partnership with SKB solves this problem.  The result is the best of a hard case with the best of internal organization. 

If you've not heard of SKB before, be assured that this is world class gear.  Musicians who travel have lived by the quality of SKB cases for years.  I use them for my rack effects for guitar and also to hold my mobile television switcher.  They're tough, still lightweight and hold up.  You can of course lock them up, albeit with those TSA padlocks when you are flying.

I believe in SKB gear and you all know that I have never been disappointed by a Think Tank Photo product.  Be prepared for the day you have to check your gear, by having it in a hard case with internals designed by photographers for photographers.

Don’t forget that with my special partnership with Think Tank that you receive free gear and free shipping when you order using my special link.  You can do so right here, by clicking the link below.

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Thanks for reading, and until next time, peace.