A Follow On Look at the Fujifilm X-Pro2

When Fujifilm did a major firmware update to the X-Pro 2 as well as the X-T2, I wanted to see what changes came to what had been my favourite crop sensor mirrorless.  Since my loan, Fujifilm have updated again, to V3.1It's this commitment to maintaining the value of existing products that I love Fujifilm for.  They do more than any other manufacturer to support older products with fixes and updates.

Here's what got added to V3 of the firmware, (the big upgrade);

  1. Addition of bracketing support for ISO, DR, WB, Film Simulations
  2. Extended ISOs of 125 and 160
  3. Auto minimum shutter speed when Auto ISO is enabled based on the focal length of the attached lens
  4. Faster Face Detection
  5. Improvement to the focus indication when shooting in AF-C mode
  6. Addition of a smaller focus point size in single point AF
  7. Addition of AF point display in Zone and Tracking modes
  8. Addition of five cases to AF-C
  9. Ability to move focus frame when zoomed
  10. Addition of Eye Sensor and LCD Display
  11. Reduced EVF blackout in continuous shooting
  12. Added the ability to give useful names to your Custom settings
  13. Added the ability to include photographer name and copyright information in camera to include in metadata
  14. Added ability to record voice memos in playback mode
  15. Extended AE bracketing from 3 frames to 9 frames within the +-3EV range
  16. Added the ability to prevent the camera from shooting if no card is installed

So, which of these matters most to me in my use cases, which admittedly may not be yours?

Number 5 leaps out for me, because I have been surprised in AF-C to discover that what I thought was sharp had not always been so.  It's easy to say, well it's a rangefinder and not a sports camera so stop whining.  I agree, that I would not likely use the X-Pro 2 for high speed action but better focus accuracy is never bad.  

In fact, a lot of the enhancements are focus related and while I loved the X-Pro 2 when I was shooting it for an extended period, I am very pleased to see the smaller focus point option and the case options for AF-C.

I also felt that being limited to 3 shots in auto exposure bracketing was not in keeping with a professional grade camera.  9 frames is more than I would normally use, especially across a six stop range, but the added flexibility is awesome.

The ability to disable shooting when no card is present surprised me.  I just sort of expect that.

With 3.1 you get;

  • More range in EVF brightness settings for work in low light so as not to destroy your dark vision
  • Ability to assign a function to the rear control dial

Does the new firmware make the X-Pro 2 even more viable?  Yes it does.  It also demonstrates Fujifilm's commitment to those who have paid their money to help them get the most out of their investment.

Way to go Fujifilm!

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