Hey Canon, how about updating your camera utilities to support OS X Lion?

I confess I am not a big user of the utilities provided by Canon for interaction with their cameras with two key exceptions.  I used the EOS utility extensively and CameraWindow from time to time.  Apple released OS X Lion a couple of months back and the developer cycle went on for a long while prior to that.  I am dismayed by how little action Canon has taken to update their camera utilities to work with OS X Lion.  Any photographer who buys a new Macintosh or upgrades an existing one to OS X Lion is going to be SOL when it comes to these two utilities, and perhaps others. Canon had printer drivers ready with near immediacy and they work fine.  Why not the camera utilities?  It appears that the apps check the OS version and make the distinction that since the number is not 10.6.x or lower that the app won't run.  Unless Canon has done something entirely odd in the core code the apps probably will run just fine under Lion.  For example, tethering in Adobe Lightroom works fine with either of the DSLRs I use, without any update.  Now if the core code does something odd, I could understand a nominal delay, and of course I also understand the pressures being felt in Japan still following the spring disasters.

However, Canon released an update to the EOS Utility on August 11, 2011, well past the release of OS X 10.7 and even the last service pack for OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and the new version still does not work with either of them.  There are third party tools available at what I consider to be high cost and of dubious stability that provide similar functionality to EOS Utility but I do not consider then viable alternatives (the most popular locks up hard when you click Preview - making it mostly useless).

While other areas of the Canon organization have excelled in keeping their utilities OS current, the DSLR group is sluggish from this user's perspective.  Since I can find no way to interact with Canon directly, I am hopeful that someone in their organization will highlight this concern to someone who cares.