Canada alternative to the Flashpoint beauty dish for small flash

At the recent Joe McNally seminar he advocated using the Flashpoint beauty dish for small flashes.  Flashpoint is available from Adorama, and they do ship to Canada but you don't have to go that route if you don't want to.

I discovered a modular kit called Easy-Go at the local Henry's.  They carry a number of pieces for the Easy-Go flash modifiers.  For this kit, in addition to your small flash, you need the proper mount adapter for your flash.  In my example I am using a Metz 58 AF-2, which is the same size head as the Canon 580 EX II flash it is labeled for.  The mount slips over the flash head and grips with rubbery "fingers".  It's quite stable and doesn't slide off readily.  The first image shows the dish itself, the mount (with clip side up) and the Metz flash.

The mount has replaceable clips that clip onto the rim of the beauty dish and hold it securely.  You can remove the dish of course to use the mount with other accessories.  I have not yet found an Easy-Go grid for the beauty dish as is available for the Flashpoint at extra cost but I have a couple of ideas on how to make one, so more to come on that.

The beauty dish retails for about $40 and the mount for about $20 so $60 all told.  Just be sure to get the right mount for your flash.  Now I have tried this before and returned the unit because the TTL system was consistently getting the exposure wrong.  In his seminar, Joe made the simple point that the default TTL flash exposure is often fooled so if one considers it a place to start and then uses the flash exposure compensation function found in most all digital SLRs that use TTL flash.  I admit I had not looked at things that way and had readily used FEL to correct other TTL challenges.  More fool me.

So if you want to go the route of a small portable beauty dish for small flash, you don't have to order across the border (presuming you are in Canada) and can get the Easy-Go through your Henry's outlet or your local photo retailer.  The distributor in Canada for the product is Nadel so they can likely direct you if you don't have a friendly local retailer.