Unabashed Plug - John G Moore B&W Lightroom Presets

Last year I started following this photographer from Glasgow by name of John G Moore.  I like his work.  In addition to his work with people, he does some fabulous landscape work and he tends to post these as black and white images. Since then, we've communicated back and forth and I am unabashedly giving my friend John's Lightroom Presets a push to my readers.  There are 30 BW presets in the kit, it sells for nine pounds ninety nine via PayPal and the stuff is great.  John recommends you do all your edits before applying the presets, and you can of course still tweak after that if so inclined.  It's Lightroom after all.

If you like making black and white images, and want to accelerate your work with excellent presets head over to John's website and purchase the package.  Here's an example of an image of Kettle Lake near Caledon Ontario using John's Anselmo-2 preset.

Kettle Lake JGM Anselmo 2