Busted! Lear Professional USB 3.0 Dual Slot Card Reader


I have used this for a couple of years so probably have gotten my $70 out of it, but since getting Sandisk 120mb/s cards for the 7D Mark II, this reader produces nothing but garbage from these cards.  Checking their site, there is a firmware update from 2012 that adds UDMA7 support which is a great idea.  You install the installer, reboot your machine (STUPID INSTALL TRICK #13) and then run the Firmware update tool. Did I mention that this is a USB 3.0 reader?  Why yes, I did.  The firmware update tool requires a USB 2.0 port to work.  Since my Mac Pro and my Macbook only have USB3 ports, that are actually USB2 backward compatible, this would sound less dumb than it actually is.

It really demands a USB 2 port.  So because I have newer computers, updating the firmware becomes a major hassle.

After checking my available computers, I did find an old POS Windows box with USB 2 ports and was able to get the firmware on the reader updated.  It does now work with the Sandisk UDMA7 cards, although it is slower when reading than the Delkin I bought to replace it.

From a pain in the butt perspective, replacing the Lexar is the easiest route although that is more expensive.  If your time is valuable, you'll burn the cost in futzing around with the Lexar solution, unless you have an older computer with USB2 and you don't mind having to go through a reboot mid stream.