Sandisk and Google for the win!

You may have heard this story but I think it is so awesome, I want to share it with readers.

A user of a Canon 1000D lost his camera overboard into the ocean off Vancouver.  Fourteen months later, a scuba diver discovered the camera while on a dive.  Now this diver is a complete class act as he not only raised the camera, he pulled the SD card (a Sandisk Extreme III) from the camera, let it dry out and cleaned it and then tried to read the card.  To his surprise there were photos on the card.  So he loaded them up on Google in the hope that this might help identify the owner.

The Google folks helped out and the original owner was reunited with the camera and the pictures!  That is just so cool!.

Awesome shout outs to the diver, to Google and to the nice folks at Sandisk whose product survived over a year's immersion in salt water and still was able to be used to recover the pictures.