Canon Moves the C100 Ahead

canon-c100We've recently seen the release of the Canon 70D DSLR with Canon's new Dual-Pixel AF that dramatically improves the experience of autofocus while capturing video.  What some people don't know is that only the C100 in Canon's Cinema line does autofocus, the higher end C300 and C500 do not. Today, Canon announced that a service upgrade to the C100 will be available in February 2014.  Owners will send their camera to a Canon Service Center and for $500, the sensor will be replaced with the new Dual-Pixel AF sensor.

Continuous AF is supported with Canon lenses and this upgrade will effectively double the AF performance in the C100.

It's a very nice announcement to see.  A C100 sells new for about $5,700 body only.   The upgrade brings a great camera to the latest in autofocus technology for less than 10% of the purchase prices and prolongs the useful life of the investment already made.  Kudos to Canon for not only supporting new customers but also for providing investment protection to existing customers.  I hope we see similar service centre upgrades from Canon on other products.