ACDSEE Pro Mac 3 - Why would you bother?

I recently installed the 30 day trial of this software to try to help a friend out who was struggling with it. After the usual click forty thousand times to install routine, the product said it installed properly.  Like most programs that start out on the Windoze platform it wants to be the default application for everything, a very customer hostile move.  I declined since it was a) a trial and b) I am very happy with the tools I use that work properly.

I launched the application and navigated to a folder where photos are stored in their original form.  It looked like I would need to Import images (hate this), but when I clicked the Image button that was not an option.  Why show me a button I cannot use?

Not one single image could be opened in either View or Develop mode.  The application claimed that they were all locked or in a format that the application could not read.  And even though I cleared the checkbox to have ACDSEE Pro be the default for all images, it still set itself as such.  F*CKING PIECE OF CRAP.

I checked the help and it said this error could occur with RAW files if they were already open with another application.  Nope.  Wouldn't open JPEGs either.  Hell it wouldn't open file types it arbitrarily decided it should be the master of.  Otherwise Help was helpless.  I opened a ticket with support and the first email invited me to update my ticket.

Fired up Appzapper and completely removed this junk from my Mac.  To help my friend, I will tell him to get rid of this program and use a processing application that is a) Mac intelligent and b) not crap.

So if you are thinking about trying less expensive processing applications on your Mac, run do not walk past ACDSEE Pro 3.  I understand that the Windows version is very good.  I don't run Windows.  The Mac version is lousy.  Don't waste your time or money.